Work Experience

Jan 2018 - Current Red Buffer | Partner / VP of Engineering
Red Buffer is a Software services provider helping their clients build applications
utilizing Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

At Red Buffer, we started with a team of 15 people and grew it to a team of 50 people, with 40+ Engineers.
  • Create engineering processes
  • Create growth and career paths for Engineers
  • Build engineering culture
  • Recruit great engineers
  • Create procedures to move the project from pre-sales, estimation stage to post-development maintenance, minimizing communication gaps
  • Figure out effective allocation of resources, bridging the gap between desires of engineers and clients
Aug 2016 - Dec 2017 OneByte | Head of Engineering
OneByte is a software services startup which specializes in Native iOS and Android and progressive
web applications with AngularJS/ReactJS frontend and NodeJS backend.

  • Create engineering processes
  • Create growth and career paths for Engineers
  • Create/Review architecture for applications
  • Conduct code reviews
  • R & D for technically challenging projects
  • Recruit great engineers
Sep 2016 - Sep 2017 Servup LLC | Consultant Engineering Operations
Servup is a B2B2C digital suite that help SME's digitize their business by providing them tools to manage their marketing, ordering and customer support online.

My role is to guide the Software Engineering function in Developing and Testing Web and Mobile Applications.
Nov 2015 - Jul 2016 Caremerge | Senior Software Engineer
Caremerge is a care-coordination platform for hospitals and other care facilities. They let patients connect
to their doctors, nurses and family members and track the patient at various stages.

Technical Responsibilities:
  • Designed the platform that let users specify various triggers from inside the application
    and hook them up with various types of alerts
  • Implemented the platform in NodeJS and AngularJS
  • Created a Redis based delayed notifications system (email and SMS) which was deployed as an
    independent service with its own failsafes in case of bugs from the calling module
Feb 2013 - Nov 2015 Red Buffer | Senior Software Engineer
During my tenure at Red Buffer I worked on Townsquared from scratch.
It started as a single engineer product and I ended up growing the team to 6 Engineers.

Technical Responsibilities:
  • Created micro-services based architecture for the product
  • Developed the frontend in AngularJS 1
  • Developed the backend in PHP and later migrated to Ruby on Rails and NodeJS
  • Used MySQL for most of the structured data
  • Used MongoDB for 3 of the microservices for businesses and users
  • Used PostgreSQL for the microservice that provided Geospatial mapping
  • Deployed the code on Linux servers on Azure platforms with load balancers and later migrated to AWS
  • Wrote bash scripts to transform loads of CSV, XML and JSON data to load into MySQL
  • Integrated with services like Mixpanel, Intercom,
Other Responsibilities Included:
  • Gathering requirements
  • Design architecture
  • Task Breakdown
  • Team Management
Jul 2011 - Aug 2011 Language Lab, SEECS | Internee
Android Application development
Jul 2010 - Sep 2010 Brainstorm Pvt. Ltd. | Internee
Development, maintenance and SEO
Jun 2008 - Nov 2008 ParaDocs International Pvt. Ltd. | Legal Support Executive
Summaries of legal depositions


2008 - 2013 NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Islamabad
Bachelor's in Information Technology (CS + SE)
2005 - 2007 University College Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
A' Level (Sciences & Maths)
2003 - 2005 Divisional Public School, Lahore, Pakistan
O' Level (Sciences & Maths)

Development & Technical Skills

Languages / Frameworks: PHP, NodeJS, AngularJS,, Ruby (Rails), MySQL, MongoDB, C/C++, Java, Bash scripting

Tools: Windows Azure, AWS EC2, NginX, RabbitMQ, REST, OpenGL, GDB, Emacs

Academic Projects

FYP - Art & Music Generation from Human Motion with Emotional Analysis - Java/OpenNI

Framework for detecting emotions from human motion and generating music based on those emotions -

Website that provides ability for static website developers to chat with their users - PHP/Codeigniter

Our users can get code that they can put on their own website to add chat functionality

Memory Manager API for linux - C/Java

Overrides malloc() and free() functions and manages memory -

Wind Tunnel Simulation - C++/OpenGL

Uses particle collision to simulate air flow (

Air Traffic Controller Simulation - C++/OpenGL

Simulates a number of airplanes approaching a landing strip and schedules a plane for landing

Soft Keyboard for Touchscreen Phones - Android

Increases the size of keys the user is most likely to press. (English version only)

P2P File Sharing and Chatting Application - C++/QT/pthreads

Establishes a ring of peers and lets users discover each and other and chat and share files